Product Evolution Plan

Created at: March 20, 2019

V1.0 ~ @2019/04

Core functionalities shipped with the first big release includes:

  • Categroy/Tutorial/Quiz display
  • Learning process/path record by user login
  • Test learning quality and give evaluation grade
  • Certificate generate/custom/export
  • Create Categroy/Tutorial/Quiz with CLI(Command Line Interface)
  • ...

Features in this release includes:

  • Bonus introduction to the learning process to motivate reader
  • Full customization of content(text, image)
  • Small screen browsering support

Limits in this release includes:

  • Inflexible category gallery display
  • No way to assign cover image in CLI

Hard parts for new ultronele user lies in:

  • Search and match an appropriate cover image for each content
  • Quiz questions setup from content
  • Category/Tutorial generate with CLI

V2.0 ~ second half of 2019

  • seperate a theme from ultronele as a reuseful npm package
  • solve the inconvenience left in the last release...
  • netlify account introduction
  • 3rd part graphql service introduction
  • payment method introduction
  • ...

V3.0 ~ first half of 2020

  • online content edit and one click deployment
  • absolutely easy version without any local installation
  • enterprise scale deployment independent of 3rd part service
  • ...


Banner Photo by Krisztian Tabori on Unsplash